The dichotomy of mainstream vs. subterranean is significant in the current design, according to Heller, since it functions together. In terms of the current design, the mainstream and underground are inextricably linked. The underground culture has been drained by the majority of mainstream artists. The existence of mainstream and underground cultures is due to the fact that some of them are more popular than others. As it was mentioned in the reading:  in order to pave a clear road to the mainstream, all it takes is a following of followers. Indeed, the mainstream loves practically anything “edgy,” even if it is no longer on the cutting edge after the term is given. Also for an example as mentioned in the reading as well. The advertising business uses pornography for edgy appeal, which was formerly the curse of pious society. Despite periodic salvos from morality-in-media organizations, publications and billboards feature all kinds of publicly prohibited sexuality.

The article Music of Visual Mediums and of Indie & Mainstream states: “The Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) recognizes and honors the music of visual mediums, the talented individuals responsible, and the music of independent artists from around the globe. Both mainstream and independent artists are honored as peers for their compositions and recordings in all forms of media including film, TV, video games, commercial advertisements, movie trailers, and music videos.” This article demonstrates how underground and mainstream artists and designers collaborate with one another. The industry continues to honor them for the work they have presented to the public. 

The artist I’ll be focusing my project on is Kadir Nelson. According to the Breakfast speaker interview “Kadir Nelson a painter, illustrator, and novelist located in Los Angeles who is most known for his paintings that have been on the pages of The New Yorker magazine on several occasions.” Because of his work over the years, Kadir Nelson may be classified as a mainstream artist. I feel like I’ve seen this work style before, and it’s not really innovative or unique in comparison to an underground artist.

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