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Joshua Smith – The Final Project Statement

Topic: What is it about?

My topic is going to be nature photography and I will be focusing on taking pictures of different flowers outside

Subject Matter: Literally, what will you shoot?

I will be taking pictures of flowers outside in their natural environments

Style: What will it look like?

I will be doing close-up shots of different flowers using the techniques I have learned in class such as depth of field in order to create interesting moods and patterns.



I will be shooting with natural lighting from outside


Agustin Melo Galvez – The Final Project Statement

Topic: What is it about?

My topic is going to be food photography, the concept that I want to explore is hinting at the sense of hunger and taste. Ensuring that the message of “wow I want something like that”. The purpose of this in my portfolio will be to highlight the lighting skill that I can achieve and also my conceptual thinking.

Subject Matter: Literally, what will you shoot?

I want to explore food from all ranges of textures, this means food from my neighborhood or common food found all over the place.

Style: What will it look like?

I will shoot at a bird’s view and try to convey the emotion of hunger and taste.

Lighting: How will you light your project?

Since I don’t have access to an outdoor space for natural lighting I will be using an overhead light with 2 diffused lights on the left and right to add shadows and highlight the delicacy of the place.

Final Project Proposal – ES


 The topic I would like to explore is toy photography because I just find it interesting how you are able to make so many types of stories with a set amount of objects. With the right placement and principles of photos, you could tell something funny, depressing, or suspenseful. This would be great for my portfolio because it could show off my skills for storytelling which would apply to the career in videography that I want to pursue. 

Subject Matter: 

I have an assortment of collectible figures that I have accumulated over the years all the way from Nendoroid, legos, amiibos. 


I want to be able to put a story together within the photos I produce. All range from different types of emotions. So I could have a serious tone or a playful kind, and as for the point of view, it would be mostly bird’s eye or medium size type of shots.


Twitter: @SerpentorsLair


I will try some shots in daylight, however, I want to try shooting in a dark environment while utilizing a lamp

Milanote Link

Final Proposal

Topic: It is about large-scale photographs incorporating architectural elements and sweeping natural and urban views. Genre: of photography interests me and I’d like to explore is the street photography. This is a big challenge to myself because a question is how I can make those famous places be more interesting. This might be large scale print (90×30 maybe). Honestly, I don’t know the purpose will it serve in my portfolio and how it will highlight my conceptual thinking, my design sense, my lighting skills yet but I feel very optimistic about this project. 

Subject: Literally, I’ll be photographing the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline (B&W) daytime and nighttime, lower Manhattan skyscrapers and Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Tower and Cables, Manhattan’s cityscape from Soho vertical and horizontal. 

Style: It will look like commercial use in editorial, display, and advertising campaigns. I will use panoramic photographic style to communicate the love of the city where my family and I are here for nine years now since we moved from another country. Anyway, my point is trying to show large-scale photographs incorporating architectural high buildings and city views. This is also the another looks at our city.

One example and one image with my description.

This view is an ultra high definition panoramic cityscape photo of Midtown Manhattan as seen from Soho, New York. This photo can be up to 90 inches wide.

Lighting: I will light it as this will be day and night in my project

Link to my Milanote Mood Board:


Link to Mila:

Topic: What is it about? What genre of photography interests you and would you like to explore: street photography, food photography, portrait photography

Portrait photography and setting up different backgrounds

What purpose will it serve in your portfolio? Do you want to highlight your

conceptual thinking, your design sense, your lighting skills

I want to highlight my design sense, knack for color, lighting skills

Subject Matter: Literally what will you shoot?

The concept will be family, chosen and biological. I want to shoot my mom and siblings sitting portrait style, but I also want to include my friends and community

Style: What will it look like? How will you use photographic style to communicate

emotion and point of view? Find at least one example and include at least one

image with your description.

I will be using a backdrop, color and fabric to be determined, outside in a park or simply on the sidewalk. I want joy to be the primary emotion that comes across; I will achieve this through shooting my subjects laughing, embracing, etc. The image I’m including is a reference for how I want to set up the portrait: with a colorful backdrop.

Lighting: how will you light your project? This may be daylight.

I will be shooting in daylight

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