Professor Michals

Destiny Thomas – The Final Project Statement

Topic: What is it about?

  • This is going to be on food photography. I live with a baker and she is always baking so I thought it would be a cool idea to have her make something and I can photograph it. As well as enjoying the food photography lab in class. This will be something new in my portfolio. I think it will highlight how well I can place products and think about lighting and setup.

Subject Matter: Literally what will you shoot?

  • I will be taking photos of bakery foods, the baking ingredients, the utensils and he finished products.

Style: What will it look like?

  • I want all of my photos to be in a birds eye view. I think this view is the most appealing for food photography and seeing the bakery foods photography in this angle made it stand out for me the most. The background would be white and I want it to be a happy mood when seeing the photos.
This is a photo by Jennifer Preston – I included one of her photos in my mood board already but all of her photos are very bright and the placement of each item is well thought out. Most of her photos in the bird eye view fill up the frame which is another thing I want to show in my photos.

Lighting: How will you light your project?

  • I will photograph my photos in daylight and have some reflectors to help diffuse any harsh lighting or shadows. If I need any more lighting or to remove shadows I will have my own fill lights to help.

Link to my Milanote Mood Board:

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  1. rmichals

    Food photography of baked good is a good topic.

    i suggest trying some backgrounds besides white however. White is kin of clinical and can be dull and hard to make interesting. think if you know anyone with a great kitchen countertop. Marble tends to look great in the camera. And I think one of the best backgrounds is the back of a cookie sheet.

    Look at the video on lighting for an overhead shot.

    And note the image sequence that was shot in my class. When we say tell a story, it is a simple story of sprinkling powered sugar or of two of the three cupcakes being eaten leaving one remaining.

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