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Natalie Soto: The Final Project

For the final project my topic will be street photography. Street photography interests me and I will focus on various neighborhoods within the city including mine. I won’t just be focused on people but on the backgrounds and architecture that surround the subject itself. The purpose of this project will show how far I’ve come in the topic of photography. I want to be able to highlight my conceptual thinking and design sense for this final project. I will shoot both people in different locations and various subjects such as trains, shops and buildings. It will look instantaneous. I will shoot in an instant any kind of subject in any kind of setting. I won’t pick and choose and stick to a certain theme. It will appear to be without notice, just as it looks like in the example below:

Street Photography

In the example this looks like it was taken in an instant rather than set up beforehand like a scene. Since I will be shooting outside I will not be using any kind of background lighting or flash. I will shoot in the daytime and at different times of the day and at different locations as well.

Link to my mood board on Milanote: my mood board

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  1. rmichals

    Your mood board has some strong examples. I note that two use shadows. If you want to create dramatic photos like these try to shoot on days with bright sunlight.

    Street photography helps you develop your eye. its a great practice no matter your intended field.

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