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Final Project Statement_ Carl Cabrall

Final Project Statement By Carl Cabrall 5/3/2022

Topic: What is it about? What genre of photography interests you and would you like to explore:

For my final I will be exploring portrait photography. I want to photograph people both as they are in various moods as well as in the studio setting.

What purpose will it serve in your portfolio? Do you want to highlight your conceptual thinking, your design sense, your lighting skills?

I would like to highlight my lighting skills and also highlight my attempts to capture an authentic human moment.

Subject Matter: Literally what will you shoot? I would like to photograph men and women individually – maybe possibly a family.

Style: What will it look like? How will you use photographic style to communicate emotion and point of view? Find at least one example and include at least one image with your description.

A person with a beard

Description automatically generated with low confidence

Two out of the three sets of photographs will be in color lit by daylight or studio light. However, the third group will be in black and white with a male subject.

Lighting: how will you light your project?

This will be a combination of daylight and studio light. I will experiment with different colored backgrounds to light a selection of different poses by the subjects.

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  1. rmichals

    Portraits can be a great theme. I would ideally like to see you shoot 10 people but it could be as little as 5 if you were able to get two very different shots of each one.

    On your mood board, most of the photos are fashion photos and not really portraits. If you want to do something that is more fashion and lifestyle, thats fine. If you want to do portraits, look at more portrait work. Examples: Malin Fezehai, Celeste Sloman, Texas Isaih. Just to name a few.

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