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Natalie Soto: HW 8 – Photographic Style

The magazine brand that I chose is Oyster Magazine. The kind of lighting style they tend to use is Rembrandt, broad and short light; they don’t use the same lighting style for every cover they’re different from one another. Oyster magazine uses a fair amount of fill to brighten the shadows, to me it looks like they used three point lighting for most of their covers. Apart from using a background light, Oyster magazine uses a different color for their background. Rather than stick to the same white background it changes and the subject stands out and doesn’t blend in as much. The palette includes an assortment of colors that often tend to be dark rather than light; they rarely use bright colors such as pink, yellow or orange. The framing isn’t that tight if anything it’s the opposite and they almost never make it tight in their covers. The angle of view is taken from the eye level.

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  1. rmichals

    It is interesting to think about the fact that a smaller, lesser-known brand can have a lot more flexibility in its style. A more well known brand will tend to be more rigid in maintaining its look.

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