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Final Project Proposal – ES


 The topic I would like to explore is toy photography because I just find it interesting how you are able to make so many types of stories with a set amount of objects. With the right placement and principles of photos, you could tell something funny, depressing, or suspenseful. This would be great for my portfolio because it could show off my skills for storytelling which would apply to the career in videography that I want to pursue. 

Subject Matter: 

I have an assortment of collectible figures that I have accumulated over the years all the way from Nendoroid, legos, amiibos. 


I want to be able to put a story together within the photos I produce. All range from different types of emotions. So I could have a serious tone or a playful kind, and as for the point of view, it would be mostly bird’s eye or medium size type of shots.


Twitter: @SerpentorsLair


I will try some shots in daylight, however, I want to try shooting in a dark environment while utilizing a lamp

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  1. rmichals

    I think toys in real environments could be a great project.

    Look at

    Try for 10 different scenarios but if that is too much you could do five with 2 variations of each for the final presentation.

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