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HW#8 – Photographic Style

Identify the lighting style used including the angle of view, and lighting pattern: Rembrandt, split, butterfly light, broad, or shot light. How much fill is used to brighten the shadows? How is a background light used to separate the subject from the background? What is the palette? How tight is the framing? What is the angle of view?

Lighting Pattern: Butterfly Light

How much fill is used to brighten the shadows? – There is plenty of amount of fill used to highlight the shadows, especially for the first 2 movie posters since they have the element of the drawn characters behind them.

How is a background light used to separate the subject from the background? – The background light is used to separate the subject from the photo bringing as might light as possible to their face almost as if it wouldn’t matter for the shadows since they are not seen at face value.

How tight is the framing? There is a good use of the rule of thirds within the first two posters however not in the third which is just centered. This is done for the concept of the art upon having the 2D drawing mirror the live-action actors. That is why it uses a full-body shot for every poster.

What is the angle of view? The angle of view from what I can tell is eye level

Final Project Proposal – ES


 The topic I would like to explore is toy photography because I just find it interesting how you are able to make so many types of stories with a set amount of objects. With the right placement and principles of photos, you could tell something funny, depressing, or suspenseful. This would be great for my portfolio because it could show off my skills for storytelling which would apply to the career in videography that I want to pursue. 

Subject Matter: 

I have an assortment of collectible figures that I have accumulated over the years all the way from Nendoroid, legos, amiibos. 


I want to be able to put a story together within the photos I produce. All range from different types of emotions. So I could have a serious tone or a playful kind, and as for the point of view, it would be mostly bird’s eye or medium size type of shots.


Twitter: @SerpentorsLair


I will try some shots in daylight, however, I want to try shooting in a dark environment while utilizing a lamp

Milanote Link

HW#1 – ES

The photo that connected with me was this one called “Nick Offerman” for the New York Times done by Christoper Gregory-Rivera. The subject is the man in the photo who is Nick Offerman, an American actor and the location seems to be a type of personal office or study because of the table, items, and location of being next to the window from my interpretation. The purpose of this photo could be for the portfolio of the actor or a shot for an upcoming movie. However what I feel Rivera is trying to say and what I think this photo says is, “Look how sophisticated and determined I am” with the location and the look of the actor’s eyes he’s trying to figure out something. As for what I love about this photo it would have to be the lighting. The use of shadows brings in more depth for the overall photo telling a more serious mood. The contrast of light and dark really makes it feel almost momentous.

I can see a couple of the formal elements that the photographer is using in the photo such as, as I already mentioned the contrast of light and dark which gives a serious tone. Another element I see is a frame within a frame with the curtains opening up just enough but not too much for the actor to highlight some level of significance. Lastly, I see a use of the rule of thirds with the head being in the center but the arm also being shown on the right side of the frame to be important with lighting. So feel this photo uses those elements well to bring a serious mood to the overall photo.

“Nick Offerman”

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