Topic: What is it about?

My topic is going to be food photography, the concept that I want to explore is hinting at the sense of hunger and taste. Ensuring that the message of “wow I want something like that”. The purpose of this in my portfolio will be to highlight the lighting skill that I can achieve and also my conceptual thinking.

Subject Matter: Literally, what will you shoot?

I want to explore food from all ranges of textures, this means food from my neighborhood or common food found all over the place.

Style: What will it look like?

I will shoot at a bird’s view and try to convey the emotion of hunger and taste.

Lighting: How will you light your project?

Since I don’t have access to an outdoor space for natural lighting I will be using an overhead light with 2 diffused lights on the left and right to add shadows and highlight the delicacy of the place.