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Author: Joshua A Smith

Joshua Smith – The Final Project Statement

Topic: What is it about?

My topic is going to be nature photography and I will be focusing on taking pictures of different flowers outside

Subject Matter: Literally, what will you shoot?

I will be taking pictures of flowers outside in their natural environments

Style: What will it look like?

I will be doing close-up shots of different flowers using the techniques I have learned in class such as depth of field in order to create interesting moods and patterns.



I will be shooting with natural lighting from outside


Joshua Smith -Homework 8: Photographic Style

Identify the lighting style used including the angle of view, lighting pattern: Rembrandt, split, butterfly light, broad or shot light. How much fill is used to brighten the shadows? How is a background light used to separate the subject from the background? What is the palette? How tight is the framing?What is the angle of view?

  • Lighting Pattern: Butterfly Lighting
  • How much fill is used to brighten the shadows? – There is a soft fill to bring forward the shadows on the face
  • How is a background light used to separate the subject from the background? – The background light is pointing at the backdrop to create contrast between the subject and the background. It also helps that it gives emphasis to the highlights of the subject
  • What is the palette? – Gray to white colors
  • How tight is the framing? – Medium Close Up
  • What is the angle of view? – Eye-level

HW: Describe a photo – Joshua Smith

I resonated with the photography from Christopher Gregory-Rivera in the Hurricane Maria section of his website. I see a photograph which shows a woman and a little girl sitting together within a blue frame. The frame is sitting above a blue couch with a wooden wall behind both the frame and the couch. The main subject of the photograph is the woman and the little girl. I believe that Christopher Gregory-Rivera is trying to give the message that even after the horrible aftermath of hurricane maria, beautiful pictures such as that can be saved and remembered throughout the storm. The photograph gives me a sense of happiness because the woman and child could be remembered. I also love the contrast between the frame and the background.

Three formal elements that I noticed in the photo that I selected are Patterns, Figure to ground and a frame within a frame. You can see a pattern with the background of the wooden wall and the couch. You can see a frame within a frame with the picture frame. Figure to ground, you can see a big contrast between the picture frame and the wall. I feel like the compositional principle of frame within a frame adds more charm to the image.

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