Due April 12. 4 pts.

Create a series of 30 portraits of at least 3 different subjects using window light or outdoor diffused light.

For each subject, shoot some in front view, some in three quarter view and some in profile.

Try the 5 lighting styles: front light, Rembrandt light, split light for front view poses, and broad light and short light for three-quarter poses. When you are working with a window, you can’t move the light source so you and the subject must move.

You should be near or next to a window during the day. 

The window can be in the photo or you can just use the light from the window.

Pay attention what is in the frame and make sure the background adds to the photo and is not distracting.

Your photos should use light and expression to be expressive. No props. If you have curtains or venetian blinds, you may use them as elements in the photos.

Experiment with different expressions and gestures and different framing (how much of your subject is in the frame.)

Upload the 30 photos to OpenLab and put them in an album. Send your best 3 – the best of each subject- to the class group.

Examples from previous semesters