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Lab 7: – Freezing and Blurring Motion

Freezing Motion:

Using the shooting mode Tv, set the shutter speed to 1/400 or higher. Capture a range of subjects in motion creating a minimum of 20 photos that freeze the motion.

Blurring motion:

Use a tripod. Start with a shutter speed of 1 “. If your photos are too bright look for a darker place to shoot. Combine something moving and something that is still and sharp in every frame. Create a minimum of 10 photos that contrast blurred motion with a sharp environment.

Put the final 30 photos in an album on Flickr. Send your single best blurred motion and your single best frozen motion to the class group.

Lab: Week 6 – Global Corrections

For full lab credit, you should hand in an album on Flickr with 6 final photos: the 4 below and your best photo and one of your classmate’s best photos.

Make global adjustments on each example:

Photographers, from left to right: Sippakorn Sornworawed, June Lubman, Justin Tarigan, Jordan De La Rans

Post your corrected versions of all four to Flickr.

Select your partner’s single best photo. You and your patner each make your own corrections on the file. Post to the class group and compare your results.

Now, reverse it. Your partner picks their favorite of your photos. And you both adjust it. Post the results.

Lab 5: The Oculus and Brookfield Place

Take pictures during the field trip of the places we visit and the people you see.

Think about how exposure can change the mood of the photos that you take. Make sure to take at least one photo of the Oculus where it feels light and airy and one where it feels darker and gloomy. Do the same in the courtyard of Brookfield place.

Use everything we have discussed in class so far: composition, angle of view, and use the light as much as possible. We will take the subway, walk through the Oculus and on to Brookfield Place. The light will change as we move through different spaces. think about how to use it to your advantage.

Put your 30 best photos in an album on Flickr and send your best two to the group.

Lab: Week 4 – Lighting for Mood

  1. Photograph the same stuffed animal at each station to create the widest range of different moods and feelings .

2. After working at each of the stations, create one image that communicates the idea of a happy childhood and a second that communicates the idea of a miserable childhood.

Use the light to create the different moods while also using everything you know about composition including angle of view, framing, and so on.

Put your twenty best in an album on Flickr and send your best two childhood images (one happy and one miserable) to the class group.

Lab: Week 3 – Lighting Quality and Direction

Photograph flowers with continuous lights.

Floodlight– light is diffused and wraps around the subject hitting it from many angles. Shadows are soft.

Spotlight – light is direct and hits the subject from one angle. Shadows are hard.

In-class Flower Shoot Camera Settings:

  • Resolution=RAW
  • ISO=400
  • WB=Auto
  • Shooting Mode=Tv
  • Shutter speed = 1/125
  • The camera sets the aperture

Every shot has a flower in it as the main subject. The ugly vase should not be seen in any photos. Fill the frame with the flower.

Shot list:

Flood Light

1. Front light: reduces detail, low contrast

2. Side Light floodlight with diffusion: brings out texture.

3. Back Light: shoot the subject against the light-shooting towards the lights.

Spot Light

4. Front light: reduces detail, low contrast

5. Side Light spotlight: brings out texture, high contrast

6. Back Light – Point the light at the background only to create a silhouette of the flower.

Either Light

7. Extreme close-up for texture-use extension tube

After completing the above shot list, create a beautiful image that says:

Valentine’s Day

Put your best 20 in an album on Flickr. Include at least one for spotlight: front, side, back and one for flood light: front, side, back and of course Valentine’s Day.

Send your single best image that represents Valentine’s Day to the class group.

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