Photograph flowers with continuous lights.

Floodlight– light is diffused and wraps around the subject hitting it from many angles. Shadows are soft.

Spotlight – light is direct and hits the subject from one angle. Shadows are hard.

In-class Flower Shoot Camera Settings:

  • Resolution=RAW
  • ISO=400
  • WB=Auto
  • Shooting Mode=Tv
  • Shutter speed = 1/125
  • The camera sets the aperture

Every shot has a flower in it as the main subject. The ugly vase should not be seen in any photos. Fill the frame with the flower.

Shot list:

Flood Light

1. Front light: reduces detail, low contrast

2. Side Light floodlight with diffusion: brings out texture.

3. Back Light: shoot the subject against the light-shooting towards the lights.

Spot Light

4. Front light: reduces detail, low contrast

5. Side Light spotlight: brings out texture, high contrast

6. Back Light – Point the light at the background only to create a silhouette of the flower.

Either Light

7. Extreme close-up for texture-use extension tube

After completing the above shot list, create a beautiful image that says:

Valentine’s Day

Put your best 20 in an album on Flickr. Include at least one for spotlight: front, side, back and one for flood light: front, side, back and of course Valentine’s Day.

Send your single best image that represents Valentine’s Day to the class group.