Quiz Materials for Class Four

Quiz Materials

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Homework for Week Three

  • Write, develop, create content: you should have your site content polished and ready to roll at this point.
  • Refine content and functionality of site
  • Produce and publish content to the web, test
  • Prepare for Quiz 1
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Homework for Week Two

  • Apply Google Analytics to individual project site.
  • Apply Google and Bing Webmaster Tools to individual project site.
  • Develop list of at least 20 keywords or keyword phrases for your site. Use the Adwords tool to help.
  • Continue to make improvements to your site: develop your content using the techniques we discussed in class. Be prepared to show me the improvements you have made.

Remember we do not have class next week, so please get all of your homework done. You will have plenty of time.

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Places to look for inspiration

Site Inspire

Best Web Gallery


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Week One Homework

Choose a site that you have built (no WordPress sites) that you will optimize and develop per techniques and criteria we discuss in class.

Use this Page Optimization Chart to optimize your site by next week. If you cannot complete an item, please note why on the back of the sheet and be ready to turn it into me at the beginning of next class.

Watch this documentary on search engines:

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Welcome and Class One

Welcome to the Fall 2012 Web Analytics class! I am Libby Clarke and I will be your instructor this year.

Class One:

Page to optimize

Page Optimization Chart

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