Final Exam

Here are the files for the exam today. You will create 2 different image ads, using the standard sizes found on this website.

Google Ad Word Counter

Here is another

Thank you for being such an awesome class!

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Classwork and Homework for Week 15

Today we will be going over what will be on the final:

  1. Study the midterm: some of the questions will be identical, some will be very similar.
  2. Go over the following sections on the website:
  3. Be prepared to create a small ad campaign on the fly.
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Classwork and Homework from Week 14

Okay, I checked the schedule and here is the deal:

  • Next week we have regular class on Monday, and on Friday, we have the final exam.

This week, we will be covering some final subject matters. Next Monday, we will study for the final.



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Classwork and homework for Week 13

Classwork: you will be presenting your ad campaigns.

Homework: Complete worksheets on your personal website on Google Analytics and Webmaster tools (will be handed out in class).

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Homework for Week 12

Rich Media Ad

Create one rich media ad in storyboard form. It should be match the design and intent of the landing page, text ads and image ads. These need to be fully polished designs in either Photoshop or Illustrator. Please give me pdfs, jpegs, or gifs of the final designs.

Present all your work together as an ad campaign next week:

  • 5 text ads
  • 4 image ads
  • 1 landing page
  • 1 rich media ad storyboard

Please note: after next week, I will not be accepting late work.

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Use your Dropbox Folder from here on out

I need you to put all of your homework for this class in your Dropbox folders. Mail is just too hard to keep track of, especially as it is not always reliable. I will only be grading what is in that folder for the final grade of the semester.

Thank you!


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Readings for Week 11

Read these sections to get a bead on designing your own landing page, due next week.

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Week 11


You will click at least 20 ads and see where they lead you. Pick the 5 best ad/landing page combinations and collect screen shots of these into a quick paper. Be sure to comment upon why each one is successful to you.

Turning in work for the end of the semester grading

Be sure to put all of your work in your dropbox folder for this class. I have had some trouble getting to my email over the last week and I don’t want to penalize anyone unfairly.

Homework: Landing Page

You will create 1 new landing page, using the techniques and criteria we covered in class. It will match or build upon the style established by your original website and the image ads you have designed thus far.

  • Turn it in as a jpeg
  • Use the keyword language you have established
  • design the page so it is engaging, beautiful, and leading. The user should be pulled into your content by this page.
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Homework for Week Ten

Image Ads

You will create 4 different image ads, using the standard sizes found on this website. These ads should be still images that would advertise your site. They need to:

  • Tell the user why he should come to your site
  • Appeal to a specific user, whom you have identified through research
  • Use keywords in their text, which should be carefully written


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Work for Week Nine

Our next multi-week endeavor:
Ad Campaign Project: Using the knowledge you have gleaned from your previous analysis of your personal site, you will develop and design an entire ad campaign that is geared to draw a specific sort of user to your site for a specific purpose. The ad campaign will encompass text ads, landing pages, image ads, and finally sketches of rich media pieces.

To begin:
Research and capture 3 online ads/ad campaigns you find interesting. Take screenshots of these as ads often change and email them to me. We will take a look at these together in class.

Read the following material on the class website:

Create 5 Google AdWords text ads for your site: write out a paper explaining your keywords, your target audience, and the ads themselves. 1 page minimum. Work with the AdWords character counter. Here is another one.

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