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I survived Sandy and all I got was this lousy tshirt…

Hey there, class. I am still trying to resolve what to do for next week. I found this great graphic for you to read in the meantime: SEO Tips to Rank higher Without Over Optimization  

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Homework for Week 7

Study for the midterm exam: go over the material I pointed out in class last week. Finalize your report and send a copy of it to both me and your client. Be sure to make the changes we have pointed … Continue reading

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Some Possible Interview Questions

What is your target audience? Is there more than one audience? Which is more important? What do you hope the site will do for you / your work / your product? Are there sites in your field that you look … Continue reading

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Homework for Week 6

Interview your client: be sure to get answers to your questions as soon as possible. Come up with your initial proposal. You don’t need to have the report fully polished, but have the rough draft ready for next week. You … Continue reading

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Week 6 Classwork

Group Projects Here is a rough draft of the report I am preparing for a client. I’ll probably change the fonts and add a lot of details  but the structure is there. I expect you to create a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation … Continue reading

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Required Reading for Next Week (Oct. 22)

You are required to read the following article for the next class: HOW TO USE GOOGLE ANALYTICS

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Groups need to find clients for the SEO/SEM Makeover Project

Here are the groups: Group One: Dennis, Kevin, Zaida, Shuk, Josephine Group Two: Edyta, Farid, Shanel, Pamela, Sean Group Three: Aliya, John, Ira, Juan Group Four: Bernadette, Matthew, Lisa, Charles You need to find and agree upon a client site. … Continue reading

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Monday Classes are on Wednesday next week

Don’t forget! Monday classes on Wednesday!!  

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Homework for Week Four

Prepare a 3-5 minute report to give on your site for next class: what you have changed, what techniques you have used that we have discussed in class, what you hope to do in the future. Next week, I will … Continue reading

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