Using Social Media for Link Building

How to Drive Traffic

Use a link redirection service that passes Page Rank.

What is PageRank?
Google considers links to be like votes. In addition, it considers that some votes are more important than others. PageRank is Google’s system of counting link votes and determining which pages are most important based on them. These scores are then used along with many other things to determine if a page will rank well in a search.

You have to use a service that uses .htaccess 301 Redirect commands instead of using a bridge page or intermediary content. Sites that use those can take the incoming link credit, meaning your site does not get any benefit at all.

Some of these services that pass the Page Rank:

Tinyurl does not pass muster, unfortunately.

Offer incentives for people to spread the word

Offer an incentive to anyone who can generate the most links to your website, provided they can prove these links are of high quality.

Use your blog as a social media connector

Instead of listing your profile on each of the thousands of social media services, simply link back to your site. Have badges for all of your profiles in your sidebar so people can find you easily and connect with you on whatever service they are using.

Use your keywords in all the right places

When building your profile pages on these services, be sure to sue your keywords and keyword phrases.

Set up a company Facebook page

Create a more professional profile for your business. Write compelling content for that page, and adjust the topics to attract the most followers. Mention your facebook page on your website as well.

Tweet often

Twitter has been the fastest growing social media site on the web for the last couple of years. Start an account and send out messages regularly. Be sure to include links to any articles you have written.

Explore other social media sites

Join as many of them as you can.

Take advantage of social bookmarking sites

Write quality content with attention-grabbing headlines then submit them to sites such as Digg, Mixx, Reddit, and Stumbleupon.

Become a guest blogger

High traffic sites need fresh content, and they will be glad to use yours if it is compelling and well-written. Increase your fan base and social media presence by contributing to these sites with your original content.

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