Week 11


You will click at least 20 ads and see where they lead you. Pick the 5 best ad/landing page combinations and collect screen shots of these into a quick paper. Be sure to comment upon why each one is successful to you.

Turning in work for the end of the semester grading

Be sure to put all of your work in your dropbox folder for this class. I have had some trouble getting to my email over the last week and I don’t want to penalize anyone unfairly.

Homework: Landing Page

You will create 1 new landing page, using the techniques and criteria we covered in class. It will match or build upon the style established by your original website and the image ads you have designed thus far.

  • Turn it in as a jpeg
  • Use the keyword language you have established
  • design the page so it is engaging, beautiful, and leading. The user should be pulled into your content by this page.
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