Some Possible Interview Questions

  1. What is your target audience?
  2. Is there more than one audience? Which is more important?
  3. What do you hope the site will do for you / your work / your product?
  4. Are there sites in your field that you look at as exemplars? What are they?
  5. What are some key terms or words that describe your work / product?
  6. What does your site do for you now? Where is it lacking?
  7. Do you have any idea how many people come to your site now?
  8. How many people would you like to visit your site?
  9. What separates your site from its competition?
  10. What marketing have you done for your site, if at all?
  11. Would you want ads/more ads on your site?
  12. What businesses/services help you succeed? (Possible link building)
  13. What are some sites that you dream of being associated with?
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