Holiday Homework


I completely forgot to take a photo during my actual family holiday dinner as we ate earlier in the month to make up for the fact that I had work this holiday. However at work we had a banquet for the staff and I happened to grab some photos. Here’s the only one without other people in it.

I’m a big fan of food photography simply because its not easy to take a good picture of food. It’s very easy to make something that’s sitting on the plate in front of you, that looks delicious in person, look terrible and unappetizing in a photo. Often times the lighting in the room you’re eating in is not at all optimized for photography. And food can be quite shiny with sauces and glazes. That sheen can often catch the light in the most unflattering way possible. So I really enjoy seeing great, professionally done food photography. And absolutely appreciate that there’s a market for it both as consumers enjoying it and businesses needing it.

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  1. Sandra Cheng says:

    It’s rough having to work on a holiday, but great that you got to celebrate at work too.

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