HW #3 Emmanuel

One of my favorite food combinations to eat during thanksgiving would have to be macaroni, lasagna, black rice and turkey. However, lasagna recently has been more of an off and on thing with my mom. She only cooks it if she feels like it which all gets me mad, but what can I do, she’s the one going out of her way to cook with the rest of the family members (I.E., my cousins & aunt who live next door, or the neighbors who lives on the 6th floor). A majority of the food photography that I see on social media annoys me for a simple and selfish reason; the food looks delicious and I usually want to eat it when I see it. In all honesty, i’m pretty gluttonous and have a fast metabolism so I just love to eat as much as I can within reason. However, I do enjoy and find that food photography is a positive occurrence because it teaches me all about the new types of food I had no idea even existed!

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