Deepak HW 3

One of my favorite aspects of Thanksgiving is the abundance of colors on the food tables (not table but tables). With the red picnic table spread, reds and greens from the vegetables, the browns of pie and brownies, in combination with the smells, Thanksgiving is a sensory overload. Some foods i devoured were my mom’s noodles, my aunt’s chicken curry, and lastly her pasta shells. The pasta shells are my favorite because they are the perfect snack while also being a great edition to any meal. Food photography is espcailly common on social media and with my sister being a foodie, i deal with food photopgrahy even at home. Any chance she gets to eat something aesthetically pleasing, she feels the need to send it to me and rub it in. In the article with William Eggleston and color photography, Abigail Cain mentions that Instagram has the become the most popular form of visual currency and this is greatly true because everyone feels compelled to post something that they view as beautiful, and this relates to Susan Sontag’s essay with trips being judged based on the quality of the pictures.

I like food photography on social media because social media arms people with the power to express themselves and their passions. Whether its cars, travel, or even food, anyone can share their interests with the world and connect with others whom have similar interests. Image result for pasta shells



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