HW#2: Food and Coffee during the Civil War

An interesting fact during the Civil War that fascinated me was, men soldiers weren’t used to preparing their own food, “was a completely foreign concept.” Soldiers were forced to adjust themselves into a new way of eating. A union soldier, Lawrence VanAlstyne, described what a dinner and breakfast looked like, they were very limited in what each soldier got. Coffee was the only warm thing they had, it kept them warm in the cold days of war. After the first loss of the Union Battle, Sanderson, a member of the sanitary who became concerned with the food preparation and quality for soldiers, proposed training to soldiers of the basics of cooking. After training, the skilled cook would receive a monthly salary of $50.

A food that I cannot live without with is FLAUTAS, aka, tacos dorados!

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H.W #2: Food and Coffee during the Civil War

I find it fascinating how the Union soldiers would get creative when it came to making their coffee to get through their day, as well as finding out that coffee was a major factor of the war rather than everything else. For example, when they the fill the stock with beans or anything they find at their disposition, dump them out and use the grounds to cook the coffee. However, I do find it unfair how they we not fed properly.  Something that I can not live without is Chicken Tenders.

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coffee in the civil war

I believe is interesting the way these soldiers were able to be in war with such small portions of food in their stomachs and did not get sick at the time, coffee played a very important role as well, we can all relate.  Today coffee is used for many purposes but I personally use it to stay awake and this is also a reason why soldiers drank coffee, to help fuel their soldiers during war. pasta is something I cant live without, I can eat pasta with anything in it.



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H.W.#2: Food and Coffee During the Civil War

During the Civil War and practically any form of battle placed soldiers at critical roles that ended up being a survival game to get through. With those stakes at large sets advanced strategies and techniques that the soldiers themselves had to adapt while living on the battle field. What was interesting to learn about the food intake during the Civil War were the specific techniques that was given to help secure “long lasting” food that should’ve been able to stay at a sustainable degree to eat as a whole. Given that the food in itself was different for both the Unions and the Confederates, they were able to figure out which product was the best to withstand the rough weather and travel conditions that the soldiers went through while in combat. The “hardtack” was very intriguing to learn about due to its 3 basic ingredients of water, flour, and salt being able to harden and prepare to be consumed at any given time for the long run. Though it was susceptible for molding, it’s unique thick hardening product was deemed as a necessity along with other foods to help give back some energy and nutrients to the soldiers. Moreover, the differences in food that the Unions had compared to the Confederates was based on the access they obtain at that moment and the support groups they held with them. The Unions obviously had a better withstand compared to the Confederates because they had a whole Sanitary Organization group behind them in some events.


-With that given, one food that I can’t live without would probably be chicken. It can be utilized into some many dishes and still taste delicious.

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Rayon.D HW#2 Food and Coffee during the Civil War

I was shocked and fascinated to learn that coffee was a major factor in fueling the Civil War. I knew that soldiers needed food and supplies to keep themselves full of energy but coffee never crossed my mind. I would of thought canned food and other salty foods might of been the staple during the Civil War since salty/canned food lasts very long. For the soldiers, it seemed that they cared very much for their coffee; but for me, I’m not so fussy. If I had to choose between coffee or food, I would choose coffee since I don’t drink or care for coffee.  As for food that I can’t live with would be jerk chicken and rice and peas (Caribbean food).Rice and peas (kidney peas) with dark brown chicken

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Ashley.A HW#2 Food & coffee during the Civil War

What I think that is most fascinating about a Civil War soldier’s diet is that it is hard to believe that these fighting soldiers were out in the field with only a small portion of food in their system in order to maintain them with high energy during the occurring event . I can understand mostly why they would rely on a cup of coffee because that stuff alone can keep me going through the whole day. However I also believe that it isn’t a healthy idea to let these soldiers eat off the “eatable” side off a moldy hardtack because it can still result in getting an upset stomach.

A food item that I cannot not live without is obviously my Starbucks coffee but also a nice plate of chicken and shrimp carbonara.


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HW#2: Food and Coffee during the Civil War

What I found fascinating about a civil war soldier’s diet was the coffee they drank Charles Nott said “you probably wouldn’t recognize in New York. Boiled in an open kettle, and about the color of a brownstone front, it was nevertheless… the only warm thing we had.” This seems to me that the water and the kettle wasn’t clean and this was the only option these soldiers had in drinking something warm on a cold day.

A food that I can’t live without is lobster. I love lobster you can steam or grill lobster.

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Chase James


What I think i about the civil war diet is that it wasn’t healthy to eat. Union soldiers were fed pork or beef, usually salted and boiled to extend the shelf life, coffee, sugar, salt, vinegar. But sometimes they dried fruits and vegetables if they were in season which they should continue to eat so they can get their strength up.

The food that I can’t live is tuna casserole because it tastes so good and it is like a flavorable meal to eat

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Song’s HW2: Food and Coffee during the Civil War

The thing that is fascinating and hard to believe about the soldier’s diet is that according to Charles Nott, Union Soldier, 16 yrs. old who seems quite young to me to be a soldier already says that all they ate for supper was hard pilot-bread which is a very large hard bread cracker along with raw pork. The idea of eating raw pork makes me feel weird but since it was desperate times, it might have been the only way of gaining the necessary calories during war time.

Of course, there was also coffee along with the supper since it was the only thing that they could drink to keep them warm at night. It was boiled in a kettle and has a color of a brownstone front which is the color on the bricks in front of a house. Since it is not dark like the color we have here before adding milk which it becomes lighter, it might look like they are drinking boiled dirt water which sounds quite unsatisfying.

A food that i would not live without would be tofu since itself can be used to make into many more different styles and can be incorporated into other dishes as well along with the ability to absorb the flavor of whatever it is cooking with.

What is Tofu? Types, Uses, and Nutrition

Link: https://www.jessicagavin.com/what-is-tofu/

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HW#2: Food and Coffee during the Civil War

It is fascinating how a Civil War soldiers are trained to cut their diet to a minimum choices than other civilians. They may be trained to learn how to fight in the battlefield, but their knowledge how to survive with shortage of food does decreases the chance of winning the Civil War. According to Heidi, the “soldiers in the Civil War had to rely on a variety of foods that would keep for long periods of time and store easily.” The soldiers would pack food that are small and easy to carry such as beans, peas, and rice. They would bring ingredients like salt and sugar to improve the flavors. A meat such as a pork or beef would need be hunted by nearby animals. It may not be good to store the meat, so it would have to eaten right away or use their salts to extend their shelf life.

Another fascinating fact about their food storage is that coffee was one of the most prized food items among Civil War soldiers. During the Civil War, the coffee beans were only available to Union soldiers. Unlike the Confederate soldiers, they are only available to have tobaccos. The soldiers will use the coffee beans to make trade for tobaccos.

If I have to choose a food that I could not live out with, it would be potatoes. It can be fry, boil, and bake, and it will still be delicious.

Taken from: https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/velvet-mashed-potatoes/351e286a-e61e-4b38-8cfd-82d4f3f63ec2

Link: https://homesteadsurvivalsite.com/foods-soldiers-ate-civil-war/

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