HW #3: Color, Food Photography, and Instagram

Carne Pizza
Sopresatta, prosciutto, tomato, pepperoncini and fresh mozzarella.

Food photography is really interesting to me. I personally love taking pictures of my food or drinks, especially when having the right lighting. Since I am part of Instagram, I am used to seeing pictures of people’s food, what I didn’t know is that people are actually getting paid for it. I wouldn’t mind entering the business just to earn a little more cash. One thing I think we can all appreciation from Eggleston’s photographs is observing with a critical eye. Often a good food photo isn’t just about capturing everything on the plate, sometimes it means including the drink or the name of the restaurant. These instagrammers that are getting paid for the service have to have a critical eye to make the food look appealing and hopefully get more customers through the door.

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