S01 Tectonic Architecture

How is the structure (and/or program spaces) expressed poetically in a design fashion as part of the architectural design?

In teams of three visit the Center for Architecture and review the two exhibitions, Topiary Tango & Big Ideas for Small Lots NYC. Each team will review one case study and review it in terms of its Tectonics.

Divide the teamwork among its team members as follows:

  • Drawings/sketches to illustrate how Tectonic are expressed in the case study.
  • Photo essay of the case study and web research with links on the finalist/artist.
  • A written description of how the project addresses tectonics in architecture.

Case studies to be reviewed are:

  • Topiary Tango
  • Anawan/101 + Kane AUD: “Mass Green Living”
  • Michael Sorkin Studio: “Greenfill House as Garden”
  • OBJ: “Fold and Stack”
  • Only If Architecture: “Only If”
  • Palette Architecture: “More with Less”

Useful assignment links: