B06 3D Framing Model

3-D framing model of the wood structural components in your building or the “skeleton” of your building. The model go from your concrete footings to your roof ridge beam.

Structural elements to include:
Concrete basement foundations with footings and slab.
Wood frame skeleton with joists, studs, rafters, collar beams, double header, rim joists, sill, double top plate, ridge board and all other necessary components.
Subfloors and structural sheathing should not be included (you may have them on a transparent or layer that is not on in your renderings).

1 board, 34×22 in PDF format showing one refined rendering or several views of your model. Insert rendered images from your 3-D model into your auto CAD file to create your board, use your projects title block.
3-D model (rhino, sketch up or 3-D max)
recommended: your auto CAD file as an e-transmit

Name files using the following naming convention:
course_professor initials_semester_project name_student name
(ex: ARCH2331_AA-KC_S20_Grid_JoseSanchez-01.jpg)
files not conforming to department standards may be graded.