C-01 Heavy Timber

Pick a project developed in a previous or current studio class and design part of its structure using heavy wood components.
Use your in class analyze and on the detail to develop in 3d.

You should work on the following deliverables:

  1. Framing plan
    1.  Annotate beam and deck size and direction
  2. Two 3d details of different structural connections
    1. Submit both the model and views with annotations
    2. Your professor will help you pick the right details
  3. Occupancy load plan
    1. (this is not a requirement for the 6 PM class)

All boards must contain:

  • Scale or graphic scale (for each unique drawing)
  • Dimensions as indicated
  • Custom titleblock particular to this assignment
  • Correct drawings labelling and sheets numbering


  1. 2 board, 24×36 (or 24×34)  in PDF format
  2. Autocad files (use e-transmit to pack and zip)
  3. Titleblock must be a different file, use Xref to import it into your drawing.
  4. 3d model in Rhino or DWG format

How to name files: professor_F_19_first name-last name (drawing number).pdf
Example: Aptekar_F_19_Dwayne-Johnson(01).dwg