A02 Plans and Elevations

Main deliverables:

  1. ground floor plan
  2. living level plan
  3. roof plan
  4. elevations (Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast)

All boards (PDFs) must contain:

  • Graphic scale (for each unique scale)
  • Dimensions for structural grid
  • use your logo in your title block
  • be specific with your title block information

All AutoCAD files must contain:

  • 10 layers using “US national CAD standard” common naming standards
  • one CAD file preboard
  • use CTB file for printing (class standard “CityTech_Standard_BTech_S2020.ctb” or your custom CTB file)
  • in your elevations include your reference photograph (or reference drawing)

Assigned Floor Plan @ 1/4”=1’-0”

  • this drawing should walls, doors, fixed furniture and windows
  • utilize layers with the A- (for architecture) prefix
  • attached using (XR keyboard command) external reference your structural grid drawing


  • submit as PDF prints and AutoCAD
  • 4 boards, 22 x 34 (or 24×36) in PDF format
  • AutoCAD DWG files and xrefs (“eTransmit” format)
  • 9pm the day before your class
  • Name files using the following naming convention:
    • course_professor initials_semester_project name_student name
    • (ex: ARCH2331_AA-KC_S20_Grid_JoseSanchez-01.jpg)
    •  files not conforming to department standards will may be graded.