B01 Reference material

BT2 Summer 2020

Research the case context and site of the module B (Colchester Ecohouse) project.
The research is broken down into 5 teams:

  1. Site; Colchester demographics and Connectivity to London
  2. Mapping: at three scales 1:250, 1:500, & 1:1000
  3. contextual design; contrast the project to the Essex design guide
  4. site West elevations; six buildings three buildings on either side of the project
  5. case studies; in Colchester find examples of modern and ecological architecture

Post your research up to the blackboard discussion area by Wednesday (6-9-2020) noon.


Below the old assignment from spring 2020 (not applicable to Summer 2020):

Research the case study project Cooper Residence, Designed by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects in Orleans, MA 1969.

Collect at least the following reference material to be uploaded to blackboard

  • Site Maps and/or drawings [Recommended scales 1” equals 20’ and 200’ and 100,000’ for the 1″ to 20″ scale drawing look for tax Maps which give you lot sizes with dimensions]
  • Plans (all, including the roof plan)
  • Photographs including one showing each elevation clearly (6 minimum)
  • Elevations (2 minimum)
  • Recommended; sections, axonometric drawing,s and 3D models

You are required to credit your source for each image or drawin.