B-01 Structural Cellar

Reference assignment from 2019 Fall

I. grid XREF
add a grid line at the center lines of your foundation wall add additional grid line to support the stairs to the basement include dimension lines between all grid lines number your gridlines

II. a footings plan
XREF in your grid drawing include wall footing and column footing.
Include your structural calculations in your footing plan

III. a structural basement plan
XREF in your grid drawing Include the new lollipop columns indicate clerestory windows show slab opening for lollipop columns

Submit a pdf with 2 pages, and your eTransmit files
I. a footings plan
II. a structural basement plan

Both files should have your title block and grid should be attached using an XREFInclude in your submission your original autocad file(s) useing etransmit

Calculation spreadsheet with borings report: CalculationsClass

Reference link