A03 Pin-up

Have the following boards ready before class to share with the class on Wednesday 6/2

Site Maps (3 images: 30,000’, 3000’, 300’), For each image indicate the height/scale, show the north arrow on the sheet
ground floor plan (@ 1/4”=1’-0”)
living level plan (@ 1/4”=1’-0”)
bedroom level plan (@ 1/4”=1’-0”)
roof plan (@ 1/4”=1’-0”)
elevations 1 (2 of Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast)
elevations 2 (2 of Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast)
1 section (@ 1/4”=1’-0”)

Print your project as full-scale PDF’s pay careful attention to how the line weights and line types β€œprint” to PDF. Plants, elevations, and sections should all show your column grid lines with numbers and dimension lines. Include in your title block, your logo, and specific title information.

Name files using the following naming convention:

course_professor initials_semester_project name_student name
(ex: ARCH2331_AA_Su20_Grid_JoseSanchez-01.jpg)
files not conforming to department standards may be graded