Detail scales:

I’m having trouble with scaling my wall section details. I figured out the multiple viewports part but for example, The cantilever is perfect at 1:16, too big at 1:10, and too small at 1:20. The window Details is Perfect at 1:20, but 1:16 also works.

It is a good idea to keep your scales constant if you are able to line the might neatly in the detail sheet. Break the cantilever into two separate details one showing how it works where it intersects the wall below and one where it shows how the cantilever wraps around its protruding corner. For your details 1:10 (1 1/2″=1′-0″) is the least details you should scale use. I recommended to the class that they use 1:5 (3″= 1′-0″). 1:16 (3/4″=1′-0″ it is used in Imperial scale system) is not used in the profession and can cause problems in real projects 1:20 is sometimes used but that is not detailed enough of the scale to convey all the information you need in your details.

Common Drawing Scales equivalent:
“Soft” (rough) scale conversion

Metric Imperial
1:1 Full Size
1:2 Half Size
1:5 3″= 1′-0″
1:10 1 1/2″=1′-0″
1:20 3/4″=1′-0″
1:25 1/2″=1′-0″
1:50 1/4″=1′-0″
1:100 1/8″=1′-0″
1:200 1/16″=1′-0″
1:250 1″=20′-0″
1:500 1″=40′-0″
1:1000 1″=80′-0″


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