B06a 3D-section (section)

Draft Assignment

3-D framing model & full building Wall section (section submittal)
This assignment encompasses two separate drawings.

  1. 3-D framing model of the wood structural components in your building. (Draft submittal for “B06 3D Framing”)
    • the draft includes framing elements the foundation through the second-floor joist plan
    • The completed 3D model should include:
      • Concrete basement foundations with footings and slab.
      • Wood frame skeleton with joists, studs, rafters, collar beams, double header, rim joists, sill, double top plate, ridge board and all other necessary components
  2. An outline of a full building section. (Development submittal for “B07 Wall sections”)
    • You will be able to develop your wall section details from this outline.
    • The drawing should describe the building from the foundation footings to the roof ridge beam.
    • Indicate the structural floor to structural floor dimensions