B05a Stud Plans [development]

Develop two wall plan details based on your groups wall assembly components

  1. detail 1 should show how your exterior wall assembly wraps around the corner
  2. detail 2 should describe the intersection of your exterior wall and interior wall
  3. start a stud layout plan drawing

detailed considerations:

  • utilize the three stud corner solution
  • indicate which is the exterior and interior condition of your detail
  • carefully think through how your furring strips flow around your corner or past your interior wall
  • the furring strip layer contains pipes and wires, make sure that it is uninterrupted
  • Consider sketching out two corners where you flip the inside and the outside to see how that changes the layers
  • dimension your overall wall
  • Show 3 subdivisions dimensioned
    • 1 structural part of your wall thickness
    • 2 edge of structure to edge of interior finish
    • 3 edge of structure to edge of exterior cladding

You may complete this assignment in a careful hand sketched format or as a scaled AutoCAD drawing.