I live on 74th Street, near New Utrecht Avenue in Brooklyn. I moved there last year and I didn’t have a good feeling about this neighborhood at first. However, the more time I spent, the more satisfied I felt. This is a very peaceful neighborhood. I prefer to live in a quiet environment. Now I have a very great opportunity to show my neighborhood.  I usually go outside and walk around in this neighborhood, because I like to see something interesting that will inspire my “art” life. When I look at the signs of different kinds of businesses, I see colorful typefaces based on the owner’s cultural background. For example, the Chinese restaurant uses more neat and warm color font, while the Jewish liquor store uses the Hebrew style font to enrich the beauty of Jewish art. I think that different kinds  of typefaces can enhance our understanding of different cultures, and this is one of the great connotations in typography. I took some pictures in my neighborhood at night. I hope you can enjoy the beauty of typography in a different culture. 🙂