This is a foundation course in typography with an emphasis on using type for a multiple of industry related applications ranging from print to interactive.

Through the Streets of Bed-Stuy


The typography of my neighborhood shows that things are constantly changing and I feel that my neighborhood is entering the modern times. These three pictures are proof of that especially the one that says 865 Willoughby, which is a new apartment building that was built a year or two ago. The typography on the building shows that Bed-Stuy is getting a whole new look to it and welcoming new people into our neighborhood. I’m glad to see that Bed-Stuy is changing because once in a while there are things that need to be renovated. That way people can have an easy shift when visiting Bed-Stuy, either to shop here, eat here or live here. I can’t wait to see what else Bed-Stuy is going to add to the neighborhood.

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  1. Prof. Mary Brown

    Good observation Emmanuel. When I was your age, Bed-Stuy was a place that people wanted to visit so much. It looks like there are some modern changes for the good.

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