This is a foundation course in typography with an emphasis on using type for a multiple of industry related applications ranging from print to interactive.

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Thanks to Our Guest Speakers

This semester we had the pleasure of two guest speakers. On May 10th, Shayne Alexander came to share his journey to becoming an art director at BBDO Worldwide. Shayne is a recent graduate of City Tech and a former photography student of mine. He shared some of the projects that he’s worked on, talked about the process and how taking advantage of opportunities helped him get where he is today.

shayne alexander


Then on May 17th Mike Rush, art director at Wine & Spirits Magazine stopped by. Mike is a from co-worker of mine from Black Enterprise Magazine. He shared about his journey from art student to art director at Arista Records and now at Wine & Spirits. Hopefully they gave you answers to some of your burning questions about work in the real world and designers, and their stories offered inspiration.

mike rush

Dates to Remember for May

We are winding down to the last few weeks of the semester, so it’s important that we stay on schedule. Here are the dates you need to mark on your calendar:

May 8 — We learn to add video and audio files to digital chap books

May 10 — Guest Speaker, Shayne Alexander (City Tech graduate and former student)

May 10 — Small group critiques of your digital chap books (everyone is required to participate)

May 15 —Class critiques of your digital chap book (everyone is required to participate)

May 17 — Final Digital Chap Book Due

May 22 — Final Exam

May 30 — Final Grades Submission Deadline

Student Exhibit in the Grace Gallery

I just want to remind you to take a few minutes to stop by the Grace Gallery on the 11th floor to view the student exhibit. It’s exciting and beneficial to  see the work of other COMD students, and to also see your own work on display. Unfortunately I can only submit 9 selections to represent our class, but I encourage you to stop by and support your fellow classmates and possibly get to see your own work.  If you didn’t make it this round, there’s a good chance for next semester. Work from our class will appear on the monitors — the one closest to the door. The show is scheduled to change on May 2 at 5pm.

I’ve switched majors three times…

Hey, my name is G. 

So I guess I’ll start off by saying that my name is Gianna Paola Jimenez. But I really prefer being called ‘G’. It’s simple and easy to remember. I am 19 years old and a few months away from being 20 and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. My major is, of course, Communication Design. That being said, I’ve changed my major three times since I’ve been at City Tech and I think I’ve landed right where I’m supposed to be. Before City Tech, I went to the Art & Design High School in East Midtown, Manhattan. I majored in Photography for a year and then finished off my high school career as an Architecture major (yes, there’s a trend here). I loved photography but I felt like I already knew and understood everything that was being taught to me, so I switched over to architecture because I wanted a challenge. And it was definitely a challenge but I made it through and absolutely loved it, but not enough to major in it in college and that is why I am here now.

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The Man, the Artist, the Gamer

It is a pleasure to meet you, my name is Jovannie Charles. I am a 21-year-old artist who’s trying to make his way into the gaming for animation industry. I come from a humble family and have a lot of experience in various things. In my free time I like to draw, play video games, or hang out with my friends. One of my favorite sports is soccer, reason being that I was raised on it by my parents. The type of video game I typically play mostly consist of fighting, RPG, or shooters. In my free time I do listen to music, and my favorite genre would be Hip Hop, rap, pop, and sometimes rock and roll. I look forward to learning and growing in this field during this semester.

My Introduction, Call Me Bill

Hello, my name is BingJi Wu, however, I prefer people call me Bill. First of all, I am glad to join in this course as well, because I always can feel my passion for art never dissipate as the time goes by.

I started painting when I was a kid. Probably this is why I am interested in something that relates to art which is this course. Also, the reason why I chose to major in communication design is because I am inspired by the unmatched combination of specialized curricula for the students. Some of the combinations of these courses include the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Arts. These are some of the careers that I am interested in. It is also worth noting that the institution has several qualified and experienced professors. These are individuals who can steer my career to greater heights of success. Therefore, I am confident that this is the place that will help me to excel in my passion of majoring in design.

In Fact, I used to be an art student when I was in China, which mean I have some art background I guess. So, I think I will have a lot of fun in this course in this year. Let’s work together, I believe our goal is untouchable if we work hard.


The Plain, Timid Rookie of Typography

Hello! My name is Amanda and I’m a Communication Design Major here at City Tech. I transferred here back in Fall 2015 after obtaining an associate’s degree at Kingsborough. I have been doing art since high school when we mainly worked with a variety of traditional mediums from charcoal to oil paint.

It wasn’t until college when I started to learn how to work digitally. While I have experience with InDesign, I haven’t really worked with it in a while so I’m a little rusty. Typography is a sub-topic of graphic design I find myself struggling with. I hope by taking this class I can better understand how it works and how to use it in an effective manner.

When I’m not at school or at work, I’m on the computer going through social media, playing video games or improving my drawing skills.

Picture done by Tyra

Completely Original Introduction

Hello my name is David Andrew Perez, but I usually go by Andy. I am a junior now and my major is Communication Design. I love everything that has to do with art from traditional to digital. I love listening to music. It inspires me to do more with my artwork. I’m always spending time with my friends and family, but I really enjoy peace and quiet. Even though I like to keep to myself, I love meeting new people and making more friends. I enjoy playing video games, so much that it’s what I would like to do with my life. I want to be a character designer for video games and shows. I am a huge Spider-Man fan, just wanted to put that out there for no particular reason. I really look forward to gaining a new respect for designing with type because I don’t like it and I want that to change. It is very nice to meet you all and I look forward to working along side you lovely people.

I’m Not Much of a Talker, but I do Like to Learn


My name is Jesus Juarez. I was born in Manhattan but moved to Staten Island and spend most of my life there. I’m not much of a talker but I do like to learn new form of art and get inspired by other people’s artwork. During my free time I like to read, listen to music, play games or even cook from time to time. I like to draw even though I’m that good at it, but I like to practice it. I hope to work in the video game community and travel from place to place.

Picture Credit to Ashley Carrasco

I Immerse Myself in My Art

Hey, my name is Aryana, but I prefer to be called Ary. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music and expressing myself through different mediums such as pens, pencils, charcoals, paints, etc. Its all based on my free expression, the tool doesn’t really matter. I have found that when I immerse myself in my art, a sense of a peace overwhelms me. I also enjoy traveling. If I didn’t have responsibilities and was given the opportunity to pack my belongings and travel the world, I’d pack up and go. There are so many places and cultures I want to learn and experience.

I am also passionate and inspired by nature. I believe it to be the purest form of life and the most beautiful. The more things I experience the more inspired I become. It brings a thrill to my soul. I believe my moments of inspiration to be moments of self discovery. In those moments I’m completely myself. Im just trying to follow my purpose and enjoy the journey along the way. Im elated to take this class.

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