This is a foundation course in typography with an emphasis on using type for a multiple of industry related applications ranging from print to interactive.

Month: May 2017

Farewell and Good Luck

We’ve finally come to the end and I hope each of you are looking forward to continuing your studies in Communication Design and here at City Tech. I also hope that this class created in you a love for type and design, and challenged you enough to explore on your own.

Final grades will be posted after Memorial Day and any outstanding projects should be submitted today. You have until mid-night to add any outstanding items to folder LATE OR RESUBMITTED ASSIGNMENTS.

Keep in touch. I like to see how my students progress. If you see me in the halls, say hello. If you ‘d like to keep up with me on social media, I can be on found on Twitter and Instagram.

Have a great summer and the best of luck in the rest of your studies.

Thanks to Our Guest Speakers

This semester we had the pleasure of two guest speakers. On May 10th, Shayne Alexander came to share his journey to becoming an art director at BBDO Worldwide. Shayne is a recent graduate of City Tech and a former photography student of mine. He shared some of the projects that he’s worked on, talked about the process and how taking advantage of opportunities helped him get where he is today.

shayne alexander


Then on May 17th Mike Rush, art director at Wine & Spirits Magazine stopped by. Mike is a from co-worker of mine from Black Enterprise Magazine. He shared about his journey from art student to art director at Arista Records and now at Wine & Spirits. Hopefully they gave you answers to some of your burning questions about work in the real world and designers, and their stories offered inspiration.

mike rush

Let’s Wrap it Up with a Poster

Now that we are at the end of the semester, it is time to show what you’ve learned by creating a poster that creatively describes the Type & Media course.

Here is the brief which will describe the assignment:

  • Using words, shapes and everything that we have covered this semester to create a poster that can be used to let others know what the Type & Media course is all about. Not only should your poster tell what the course covered, but it show what was covered. For example, you don’t want to only use the words like kerning, tracking, type on a path, but you want to show these things.
  • Size: 11″x17″
  • Full color can be used or you can do it entirely in black & white, but your design shouldn’t depend on color
  • You are allowed to use some geometric shapes, but this poster should be TYPE, not drawings. If you are not sure what this would look like, do a Google search for typography posters.
  • Use the accurate terminology covered in the course
  • Pay attention to spelling
  • The sample below were not selected because they were the best, just to give an idea of what other students did.
  • DUE: Wed, May 17th





Dates to Remember for May

We are winding down to the last few weeks of the semester, so it’s important that we stay on schedule. Here are the dates you need to mark on your calendar:

May 8 — We learn to add video and audio files to digital chap books

May 10 — Guest Speaker, Shayne Alexander (City Tech graduate and former student)

May 10 — Small group critiques of your digital chap books (everyone is required to participate)

May 15 —Class critiques of your digital chap book (everyone is required to participate)

May 17 — Final Digital Chap Book Due

May 22 — Final Exam

May 30 — Final Grades Submission Deadline