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Proposal — Jamilet Martinez

What I would like to teach my audience is many people think immigrants are criminals, Bad influencers, and other negative terms. However early immigrants helped shape the US with traditions and customs, while Immigrants just wanting a place to live for a chance of freedom that they did not have in their home country. The audience I would like to get it our own generation and the future generation because people can change how we view this topic rather than still having the perspective that we got while growing up. The ted talk source would help because it showed how people with negative beliefs about the topic later on their  perspective changed to an openminded people and understand how they shaped America. The form of genre I would like to use is a story with pictures to tell the story of how immigrations shaped the US or a collage I’m not sure yet. My only worry is if it will get my message across clearly to my audience whether in a storyline with only pictures or a full collage.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I forgot to leave a Comment! But I think this could be excellent — people don’t think about photo essays enough when they do this project, but this kind of thing can be very powerful because if you choose the right pictures, they can create a storyline all by themselves. Captions would be good, or a short block of text sprinkled here and there, but we’ll look at it and decide together what might work. Love this!!!

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