1. What’s wrong with starting research with a thesis statement? When is it okay to start with one?

It’s wrong starting with a thesis because you are already making the statement of knowing what you’re talking about. But the point of research it to find out new things and show different perspectives of what you’re talking about.

2. How comfortable are you with the possibility of never finding ‘answers’ to your research?

I okay with not finding definite answers to my research because I know with the topics we are looking at there will never be an end. What I mean is that I know that there won’t be an end to knowing what I’m learning more about.

3.How do you research? What tools and tips do you use?

I start by looking up recent current events about the issue then I try to see when, how, or why it began. Then I would see different perspectives for example if I was doing climate change I would see who is most involved and see how it affects the world. Then I would try to know as much as I can and make my own opinion.