My understanding after reading Carillo “Navigating This Perfect Storm”, this article really talked about the difference of knowing something and understanding something. When teaching something, it should follow the posttruth culture, but it was stipulated by CCSS(Common Core State Standards) to how reading is defined and taught. Some people as critics argued that CCSS is outdated. Because there is a thing calling Google knowing or knowing as downloading standing against CCSS. Google knowing derive from modern society and technology. Server uploaded all data to website with internet and people can read them when they want to know something and search one or several key word of the things, and then result with news comes out. Why people as critics argued both CCSS and Google knowing is because one is like a rule prescribing how knowledge should be spread and define what content it should be, while Google knowing is faster and more convenient for people to use, and much easy. But convenience comes with something bad, which means the fake news. In some aspects, Google knowing is relatively dangerous than CCSS because the threshold, which means the basic conditions for people to post something online are simple. When people posted something that made of themselves without any evidences proving, that is fake news, and Google knowing is liberal for it. But on the other hand, CCSS can spread fake news too. In article, it said CCSS are playing into and exacerbating them(meaning fake news). I was thinking of if CCSS limit some real information of reading and revise it and then transcribe the content. At the end, publish and teach students, is this counted to spread fake news? By the way, students felt they were controlled and have to follow because they were decided to study, read and write by teaching system, no wonder students didn’t know why they need to do it.

Let’s back to talk about the difference of knowing something and understanding something. The learning resources are various in modern society, we need to accept all knowledge from both CCSS and Google. But also, be clear and wise in mind to differentiate what you should believe in. For example, after dealing with the assignment from school with CCSS, students are free to use social app to read news online as absorbing extra things. And choose what to believe. If so, student are able to tell what they believe and spend time to understand it. Or, what they don’t believe, but know it .