The gist of this article is that in our current generation, the students lack the skills to truly understand why a piece of writing is written. As students suffer with understanding why something is written as time goes on they may just lose interest in reading. Ellen Carllio’s article truly shows that students forget about the reader and just read the text as is. Ellen’s impression is correct if a student is not taught in a way that they could understand then they will most likely give up. Googling information constantly could realy catch up to us in the near future

Throughout my highschool years I have had many good english teachers that have stuck with me through thick and thin. They have taught me a lot of writing techniques that I could use to better my future. I have learned to analyze a text and underline the main points and key parts in the text. This would go on to better me as a writer and could benefit me in many ways 

Ellen Carillo mentions google knowledge and actually understanding. She states that students tend to not fully understand a reading due to googling the results. I agree with her the reason many students of this generation have a problem understanding is because they use google knowledge. This causes them to get the result without the effort and background context to help them better process.

I struggled with reading and understanding the text for a while throughout my education. It wasn’t until I was given the advice by my teachers in highschool of how to property break down text and how to underline the gist of the reading. Many teachers say to do it when analyzing a reading but never truly go over how to do it properly doing it wrong could make you miss the gist of the reading