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Common Core – Jamilet Martinez

  • In this article, Ellen Carillo uses a student’s point of view to show the meaning of reading. The article talks about the difference between knowing something and understanding it. Ellen Carillo is right if we don’t understand why something was written students will not going to care why they are reading it and not comprehend it. When Carillo talks about “Google-knowledge vs. understanding”, she introduces a study that shows reading online is better she thinks it is not true.The study showed us that reading makes us better at google knowledge. I believe that to understand you must find a technique that is best for you. For example, This year there is a lot of advance technology and remote classes, I believe that google is a source in the technology world that can help students in many ways to understand something. Pages 146-153 explain different strategies for students to become better readers. One strategy that stood out to me was annotation. I use this strategy over the others while reading because one short portion of the text can help students understanding the writing by taking notes and gather everything to make a central idea at the end.

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