Hello my name is Emel Pejcinovic, The transition from highschool to college is going to be a big change for me with everything. I have many feelings about this semester and course especially with the pandemic we are currently going through it truly has me questioning how this semester will go. One fear I have is how will everything work with online learning, will it be more difficult now that we aren’t actually physically going to school? I am really a hands on learner and I truly hope that this doesn’t impact my learning and my grades.

The picture that I used is my highschool football field where it all started. When I first moved here all I had was football I didn’t really know anyone and I wasn’t amazing at the sport. With time I eventually made friends and got the hang of it but with that came along many life lessons about working hard and working with others. This picture means something to me because it’s where everything started, life long friends and memories.

I have quite a unique name, my parents chose it from a book of names from where my dad was from. They also have told me that they came to the final decision as they were behind a Mercedes ML class and just thought it was meant to be and named me Emel.