Hello my name is Anaya Roseley, I am 18 years old. One word I would use to describe the way I feel about this course since I’ve started is “overwhelming”. My main fear/ concern is not comprehending or being able to adjust. I say this because in high school we didn’t really learn anything new once remote learning started everything was just review.


This photo I took at a art exhibit called “soul of a nation” and it was pretty much a bunch of art by African American artist representing black culture and things of that nature. but this photo stood out to me because it expressed black female empowerment and now that I look back this photo just simply reminds me of when we were able to go outside and enjoy a art exhibit and experience new things. It just takes me back to a place where the world made sense.

And the story of my name a kind of sad, so basically before my mom had me she was pregnant with triplets and she lost them the year before she had me. She was going to name one of them Anaya and the other one Anya and the boy Alonso. So long story short after she lost all 3 babies she still decided to name me Anaya Alexis Roseley because my father’s name is Alonso Alexis Roseley.