Does religion limit the sci-fi to a religious audience?


This essay will explore the use of religion in Sci-fi texts. Specifically, it will explore if the religious aspects limit the audience of the genre; does it become a genre specifically for the religious? The essay will explore different interpretations of different texts to demonstrate how the use of religion opens up the genre to a wider audience by appealing to the non-religious and the religious. Each example will show how different interpretations of religious symbols can be seen as both positive and negative, thus appealing to everybody.


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Exploration: A Look into the Relationship Between Electronic Music and Science Fiction

Donovan Valle
ENG 2420- Science Fiction
Prof. Jill Belli
Project 2

Exploration: A Look into the Relationship Between Electronic Music and Science Fiction


There is no denying the lasting power and influence that electronic music has had on popular culture. It is evident today in hip hop and dance music. However, many do not know that the early roots of electronic music can be traced back to science fiction film. It is because of sci-fi films that early experimentalists of music and technology were able to push the boundaries of machines that could create and perform music. Electronic instruments that were developed in the early to mid 1900’s like the theremin and the modular synthesizer created the music and sounds that have since been directly associated with early science fiction film. These new instruments were able to enhance the themes and concepts that were present in the films like robots, aliens, and flying saucers.

Throughout this essay, the impact of science fiction on electronic music will be clear through film examples such as “Forbidden Planet” and “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” The exploration and implementation of electronic instruments into musical film scores paved the way for musicians to do it in their own work. It will also be shown that there is a clear bilateral relationship between sci-fi and electronic music. Not only was the music able to enhance the settings, characters, themes, and ideas present in the films, but the genre gave commercial artists like David Bowie and Pink Floyd new ways to record and present their record and present music to their fans.

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Science Fiction Entertainment And Music


The Write-Up attached along with the presentation shows how music or musical scores can change the human mind’s perception of a science fiction film, television show, or video game and how the musical score can amplify the person’s emotions when watching, or interacting with it. Moreover, it shows how someone watching a science fiction entertainment work of art can have different thoughts on major plot points in the story when the music is alongside the motion picture, rather than having it muted. Some examples that are used to support this are from famous and almost famous science fiction shows, films, and games such as, Battlestar: Galactica, Halo: Reach, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Stargate: Universe. Also, the process of producing these scores are introduced, such as becoming the main character or target character, so it makes it much easier to see the unknown world, but also the fact of how difficult it can get when going through the actual design process. Evidence, such as an interview with professional composer, Joel Goldsmith, son of famous Star Trek composer, Jerry Goldsmith, is also introduced, where he briefly describes the difficulty of it and how bad it can really get.

Something else that is briefly described is the other side of that coin, and how the science fiction genre has influenced music in a way that it also created widely known musical genres, for example, electronic and Dubstep, among others. Along with it is some evidence from a site that had a list of The 15 Greatest Science Fiction-Based Pop/Rock Songs by Sean T. Collins, instead of using this list, what was used was the thorough description that was at the top of the page.

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The Bene Gesserit and Power – Chris Robledo – Project 2

Abstract – Frank Herbert’s Dune Chronicles is an expansive universe that has many themes that are seen in scientific literature. A major theme seen throughout is the theme of control. The Bene Gesserit is a group of women who exert control over others using many techniques. They strong female characters exhibit superhuman like powers and use these abilities to further their goal. Of their many abilities, their “Voice” ability is a very powerful tool in their repertoire The use of Spice as well as “religious engineering” are also used to further their goal which is to create a male equivalent to their order.. This paper will discuss the use of these tools as well as make comparisons to other literary works that also deal with issues of control, and research that supports this idea.


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Power Point:

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The Voice Scene

A Scanner Darkly Scene

Revised Proposal

As I revised my proposal, I have now decided to focus on the emergence and evolution of both electronic and popular music through the lens of science fiction, and the bi-lateral nature of the relationship between the two. I will analyze 2 films and 2 albums that have been influential in pop culture. What I will then do is explain the soundtracks and musical elements of the 4 pieces, and then explain how science fiction has played a role in the exploration and evolution of musical soundscapes and ideas. What is important to understand is not only how electronic music has influenced the science fiction genre, but how the ideals and themes of the sci-fi genre has had an impact on the exploration and evolution of electronic music that we have seen in popular music.

Here are a list of some articles and sources that I will be referencing in my paper.

Electronic Music in Early Science Fiction

Sound and Music in Film and Visual Media: A Critical Overview by by Graeme Harper

Revision of proposal.

After doing so searching i decided to focus on technology Within the steam punk sub genre. I would like to explore why is the idea of not exploring more new advances technologies and instead advancing the already current technology. These involve the use of steam for devices. Continuing with advancing analog devices and automatons robots.I also would like to question the idea of sticking to these technologies yet still able to create futuristic technologies like robots and rayguns. At what point would the advancement be be considered non canon to this universe. What exactly are the guidelines.

I would also like to discus the origins of steam punk.. I think its also worthy of noting how even though the technology shaped the depiction of steam punk it does not play an important role in the stories.

Then i would also like to explore the art of taking modern technologies that exist in the real word and recreating them as if they existed in this universe.

In a quick summary i guess you would say i would like to talk about these cool gadgets in steam punk and how it came about and its origins.

Aarons Abstract

Believe it or not, it is a proven fact that Science Fiction has played a HUGE role in most of the everyday goods that are present to us. Despite how much we take these things for granted, motivation and determination both come from the inspiration of something. Besides the theory of the big bang theory, nothing just invents itself. We see things that some of us consider to be possible to make but impossible to others. Something inside of us gives us the strength, the will and the confidence to create something innovative. The world is constantly changing as we speak when it comes to new things being invented. Just look at how the world was in 1995 compared to now. Feels like we live in the future. That phone you got in your pocket, inspired by science fiction. The taser’s that our cops are using whether its necessary or not, inspired by science fiction. That’s just some of them.

There have been a bunch of sources, where these geniuses have got there inspiration from. Some of these people got them from books, movies, tv shows and some just from what they see with their own eyes. The creators of these inventions were all brave enough to try, to accept failure over and over and not afraid to think outside the box. All of these inventions have had a huge affect on our society as a whole. Many people now of days can’t even imagine a world without the internet or their phones. Well, there was a time where people didn’t have ANY of that. A lot of people say that these inventions have made the world smaller, some say otherwise. Whether or not they’re opinions are valid, it still had an affect on the society.  There are a bunch of inventions that were inspired by science fiction, not just the internet and phones.  So there fore, this project will show you the Top 5 Most Cutting Edge/Handy Inventions inspired by Science Fiction AND it’s affect on the world!

Proposal -Project 2

For Project 2 I have decided I will design my very own Utopian city. My research will include past Utopian city designs and how they would theoretically work if created. My design would be a combination of what I found in my research and ideals that I find important to have in a Utopian City.


For as long as science fiction has existed, there has been thousands of different innovations and cool gadgets that have been shown to us. There have been a bunch of ones that if we would’ve saw them in the movie theater hundreds of years ago, we would have been like “Imagine that in real life!” or, “Pshhh, that would probably never happen.” A lot of those gadgets that we saw in those films or read in those books, actually came to life today.

I would sit here and say that we actually live in the future with all this technology that we have… but they said that 20 years ago. Who knows, maybe in 20 years ago we’d be laughing at iPhones or any other technology that we use today. The future is never ending, but I will talk about all the inventions that have been inspired by science fiction and how it has affected society.