Revised Proposal

As I revised my proposal, I have now decided to focus on the emergence and evolution of both electronic and popular music through the lens of science fiction, and the bi-lateral nature of the relationship between the two. I will analyze 2 films and 2 albums that have been influential in pop culture. What I will then do is explain the soundtracks and musical elements of the 4 pieces, and then explain how science fiction has played a role in the exploration and evolution of musical soundscapes and ideas. What is important to understand is not only how electronic music has influenced the science fiction genre, but how the ideals and themes of the sci-fi genre has had an impact on the exploration and evolution of electronic music that we have seen in popular music.

Here are a list of some articles and sources that I will be referencing in my paper.

Electronic Music in Early Science Fiction

Sound and Music in Film and Visual Media: A Critical Overview by by Graeme Harper

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