Class Notes 5/7/15

I took over on notes instead of Zac.

A reminder that the project presentations start this Thursday 5/14 with the presenters going, but not in order, as the following:

  • Leo
  • Donovan
  • Aaron
  • Jonathan
  • John
  • Danny
  • Zac

Word of the day- Quorum: the minimum number of members of an assembly or society that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid.

There was a majority of the class that were interested in going to the tour at the vintage Sci-Fi bookstore in DUMBO for 5/14 and based on what Prof. Belli gets in response from the bookstore we will go on that day and maybe even present there as well.

Prof. Belli briefly mentioned the reading assignment that was due, CH. 6 on the Sci-Fi book, and that it could help us on our projects as well.

A discussion on what is considered a valid source for our papers ensued. Remember that the paper needs a minimum of 5 secondary sources and a work cited page in MLA format, as well as the final slide in your presentation.

Then the discussion of what should be cited came about. If you are using an idea that’s not directly yours needs to be cited.

An optional addition to your papers was offered, A Works Consulted Page may be added, asides from the Work Cited. A Works Consulted Page is whatever sources that helped you on your way to your actual research.

  • We discussed on what is considered a reputable source:
  • A source that has been proven
  • Good Reputation
  • Credible

Where a source comes from adds to its reputation

Ask yourself to determine a valid source:

  • Who’s the author?
  • Publication venue, what and where?
  • What is the bias on a source, every source has one and needs to be considered
  • Contextualize the source, help the reader understand where the source is coming from
  • Understand the bias behind the source
  • Publication Date?
  • Purpose?
  • Is your source current?

Wikipedia is a good starting point but don’t ever cite it

Some good resources on Sci-Fi:

  • Science Fiction Studies
  • Extrapolation

Difference between Primary Source and Secondary is that Primary is the original source and Secondary are sources written about the original

Another optional addition to your papers is an Annotated Bibliography. Summarizes each source on Work Cited Page and helps to know where in your papers that information would go.

If you have gone to see a research librarian you can add that experience in your cover letter.

Make sure your city tech id is registered at the library in order to use the library’s catalog online off-campus.

Also Stay tuned on Sci-fi Bookstore tour for 5/14.


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  1. Thanks for these notes Leo. Just wanted to add that, in addition to the two journal ‘Science Fiction Studies’ and ‘Extrapolation,’ you may also want to check out the journal ‘Utopian Studies.’ You can gain access to these journals through the City Tech library.

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