Revision of proposal.

After doing so searching i decided to focus on technology Within the steam punk sub genre. I would like to explore why is the idea of not exploring more new advances technologies and instead advancing the already current technology. These involve the use of steam for devices. Continuing with advancing analog devices and automatons robots.I also would like to question the idea of sticking to these technologies yet still able to create futuristic technologies like robots and rayguns. At what point would the advancement be be considered non canon to this universe. What exactly are the guidelines.

I would also like to discus the origins of steam punk.. I think its also worthy of noting how even though the technology shaped the depiction of steam punk it does not play an important role in the stories.

Then i would also like to explore the art of taking modern technologies that exist in the real word and recreating them as if they existed in this universe.

In a quick summary i guess you would say i would like to talk about these cool gadgets in steam punk and how it came about and its origins.

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