Can Steampunk be brought into the forefront of the science fiction genre?


Not many people actually understand what Steampunk is. But there is a die hard community behind it. Varying from hardware enthusiast to even cosplayers. Modern media seems to think otherwise. One huge flop would be the movie Wild Wild West features will smith. Many people within the community blame this movie for staling its walk into the limelight. I’m here to explain to you what Steampunk really is and why is it such a interesting sub-genre.

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Revision of proposal.

After doing so searching i decided to focus on technology Within the steam punk sub genre. I would like to explore why is the idea of not exploring more new advances technologies and instead advancing the already current technology. These involve the use of steam for devices. Continuing with advancing analog devices and automatons robots.I also would like to question the idea of sticking to these technologies yet still able to create futuristic technologies like robots and rayguns. At what point would the advancement be be considered non canon to this universe. What exactly are the guidelines.

I would also like to discus the origins of steam punk.. I think its also worthy of noting how even though the technology shaped the depiction of steam punk it does not play an important role in the stories.

Then i would also like to explore the art of taking modern technologies that exist in the real word and recreating them as if they existed in this universe.

In a quick summary i guess you would say i would like to talk about these cool gadgets in steam punk and how it came about and its origins.

Steam powered world.

After bouncing though with many ideas i decided to go with creating a world where the advancement of technology continued with steam. How would it differ from current technology? How would society change? Would the most basic things we take for granted change minimally or drastically.

Sources would be scarce since Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that is rarely explored. This is mostly due to not really having fancy FUTURE tech. That being said the sources are out there. One film is wild wild west with Will Smith. One question that could be explored is the reason why steampunk is not that popular.

It will mostly come into fruition as a basic research paper. But the presentation is still up for debate. It will somehow include video to show examples. I was thinking of doing something like Cosmos by Neil Degrasse Tyson guiding you though these worlds.

You are the chosen one Connie.

So we finally see the true purpose of why Luciente and the gang of misfits are pulling connie from the past. Neat idea, actually has me interested to be honest. But thats assuming I can get though tons of exposition. I think that’s what ultimately makes this book hard. Having to analyze a story that gives you everything in your face, emotions, thoughts, settings. It forces us to dig deeper into it, and makes us pull out things that we dislike instead. Connie put it perfectly, “Dolly, takeoff the shades. I can’t see your expression. It’s like talking to a wall” (210).

Anyways I digress. What I”m going to talk about is probably pulling stuff from thin air but Piercy was directly showing the difference between the past and the present. Probably its something she has been showing all along, but let me explain. Between both timelines the sense of control and where it lies was expressed. With the central conflict with what Barbarosa believes is the problem is the technology. “Per” believes its all in the hands of the very few. (189) Something that completely does not bother me. Its a valid argument where we begin to learn why Connie is being pulled from the past. But Connie seems to interject and add that she does like like him because hes a man. This is probably the most direct the author has been with us in stating that Connie outright dislikes men in power.

Ger dislike in men actually gains validity when Dr. Redding and his gang of doctors come into the picture. I’m not sure if its the way Peircy worded it but they are depicted as a stern men where the female nurses are semi-afraid of him. “They looked at Valente blankly” (194). They just stared at her as if she was nothing.

Sadly we go into the future we again learn how the men and all their maliciousness have been proven to be invalid and non existent anymore.

Utopia’s suck for interesting stories.

Yes I know this late. Got distracted on my way home.

I kinda cheated and read though everyone’s posts before I started writing this and it seems the common consensus is still this is somewhat dull story. Flash backs that are all over the place. Dull characters that you really cant get behind. Even a future that completely perfect without a fault. But I think the problem is not with these, it lies more since this future is so perfect most major conflicts have been solved or nullified. So us as readers cant really get behind. Let me explain.

Most major conflicts are addressed in chapter 6. Each of them were fixed with this all powerful Deus ex machina. For those that don’t know a Deus ex machina is an all powerful item or person that is introduced abruptly to fix an impossible and unsolvable problem. In a matter of a few pages this incubator of some sorts, in one fell swoop, solved all of the worlds (all some of them) issues. Problems between races, no problem, lets just diversify them. Its print out black Asians like money.  Want to create gen equality, lets make everyone mothers. By the way i think its important to mention that with this process the need of carrying a baby in your womb for 9 months was eliminated, yet they still decided to refer the “parents” as mothers. But I digress.

You see a pattern here? With this one machine (get it machine/machina) they seem to fix most if not all social issues. I really hope this does not become a trope for this book. The only real conflict (if you want to call it that) stems from Connie unable to accept this is future. But even then those issues can be summed with “I like my past how it is, I don’t like change.” Its mostly just inner conflict with herself. Which brings me to my issue with this story.

Connie is probably just crazy, or the plot twist is the time travel was real. Both which are too predicable. The people she meets in the future somehow resemble people from her past. At first I was willing to for give it (But that took a bit with the pointless flashbacks and all). But the straw that broke the camels back was when she saw a child that looked like her “own” daughter. At this point the only thing that explains this is she created this perfect future where everything is perfect, all problems are solved and she is able to live with her daughter. All so she can escape from this depressing world. That or people from the future all came from the future just to mess with this one girl.

Either way I really hope the second half of this book starts to get interesting because I’m LITERATELY beginning to fall asleep reading this.

Best intro evar!!!

Well this title for this post is probably misleading. While it was not the best it was cringe worthy. Why not begin a story with domestic violence, prostitution and back ally doctors. In a weird way my interest was peaked. Not because of the events that transpired but mostly was curious where the author was planning on taking this.

Let me preface this by saying i only read the first 2 chapters. Mostly because its spring break and this is not the best book to be reading. The author goes into great detail in explaining the scenes. She does so to the point where she quickly jumps to something else I cant seem to follow what is happening. I’ms forced to flip back and forth between pages to check is I missed something and come to realized that with the over detailed events my mind just grew bored and skimmed certain scenes. One scene in particular is when the back ally doctor comes in with the great pimp Gerardo.

Oh man do I have a lot to say about this bunch. My same feelings about the movie blade runner are coming into play here. Sometimes I grow tired of seeing the same cliche of people. The overzealous pimp that wants to control his “product” (that’s probably the most pg-13 way i could have put that) with flashy rings and the god awful fur coat. Not wanting to have a child with who began as his girl forced to become his prostitute. That being said this actually made me think. This book was written in the late 70’s while now its a cliche that is tad overplayed but back then. Would this have been something revolutionary and new. While someone can write an entire essay on depictions of certain story elements throughout history, its still something to think about.

The doctor on the other hand is just meh. Its your typical back ally doctor just trying to make a quick buck. That being said it does not dis value his nastiness in trying to do this. Its still a valid representation of both of them but its still bothersome to see this. Mostly because its mostly used to demonize men every single time.

The biggest shocker came on page 44 where Luciente was reveled to be a time traveler from the future. When reading the back cover i was expecting Connie to be able to pear into the future like tomorrow land where the pin transports you to that world (a movie I’m super excited to watch). Reading chapter 2 I was beginning to have my doubts to what extent this book was going to go into the science fiction genre. While I aim to completely caught up come the next blog post, I’m hoping the story begins to get more interesting that just a fucked up person living in a fucked up world (Excuse my french).

City at sea.

Walked out of the elevator past the classic gaming display, past the bjork gallery (Which I was really tempted to go in,) into what seemed like a plain gallery. I thought I was in the wrong place. I guess the Nat History Museum has spoiled me.

I walked in and the first thing I was introduced to was introduced to the most populous cities in the world. Living in NYC you are probably aware exactly how many people live in this. Everyone can attest to that just by using the public transit and being shoved head first into someone’s armpit. But was semi-surprising is that NYC is no where near the most densely populated city. What I mean by the NYC is a pretty big city. It can take you almost an hour to get into Brooklyn from the Bronx via car. Its a weird reminder our city is not the center. This is interesting because in DADOES Earth seems uninhabited after the colonization, but its hard to think “everyone” emigrated out.

The one section I was able to directly relate too was the housing issue in NYC. Housing in NYC is at a really bad standstill. We are in the need of public housing for people that need it, but real estate firms don’t want to build them. So we have so many people living in shelters simply because there is not enough shelters. The solution is to simply find permanent home for them, but there is more money creating high market value condominiums. Another issue we have is landlords want to evict existing tenants for no reason at all. The reasoning for this is due to tenant laws, its possible to have your rent stabilized. So its possible some tenants are paying close to 3 times below the market value. So its in the landlords best interest to get them out.

The reason I relate to this the most is because currently our landlord refuses to take our rent payments due to not taking partial payments. The reason they are able to use that excuse is because when we have been sending in the stacked months, they send it back. They wait for us to send next months rent and send back the previous stacks with the claim of partial payment. So we wait for the one we sent on its own to be sent back then rinse and repeat. Landlords try to to get their tenants to give up. Sorry I went on a little rant there.

Anyways, I guess the main attraction of this exhibit is the development of mega cities. The idea of not moving away but developing around the existing terrains. My favorite was probably Lagos. I love the idea of traveling by water just to get to your destination. Could be I’m just tired of the road. But its interesting instead of fleeing and developing elsewhere like they did in DADOES, they are staying put and figuring out how to work with what they have. Then there is Kito where their priority is to create communities where people are living together in harmony. One example is having common living area shared by several people. Much like having a roommate in college. Interesting how these developments differ drastically from what science fictions has depicted. Instead of having vast emptiness and despair, you have something where it is vivid and bright.


Notes 2/26/2015

Why the mood organ is so important? (pg 1)

The importance animals play in this story.

  1. Pg 7.

Why does Iran feel empathy towards the andys?

Why does Iran have different attitude towards the end?

Why is the setting so important?

Why is there so much comparison between real and fake animals at the end of pg 12?

Empathy towards animals

Why is the suggestion of buying a cricket or a mouse so offensive?

Comparison on the tv between the andys and slaves pre civil war era

Why the specials of this society are treated the same as andys?

Pg 31 mention of spider.

Comparison between the real and fake

  1. Mood organ
  2. Animals

Last class spoke about themes.

As technology got better we got really good at fabricating fake things. It came out of necessity, for the yearning of things we took for granted. Like animals or interaction.  If the animals are so well made, where it is able to fool people. What is missing? What sticks out that people are still able to tell?

Wouldn’t it just be a conflict between the old and the new?

Real are spontaneous while the fake is programmed to do certain things at certain times.

Andys still do not understand the living. This can be seen when the andys where cutting off the spiders legs trying to understand.

Evolution, natural progression. Neanderthals not existing anymore where modern humans took over.

Foreshadowing, alluding to something later in the story.

Pg. 200, Androids always give up right before they are retired when they know they have no way out.

Andriods – Intelligent, higher than living species.

The will to survive could be a base programing.

Dichotomy (n.) – a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

Juxtapose (v.) – to compare two things side by side.

Main themes – What it means to be human.

Rick Deckards view of androids are just another paycheck, deserve to die.

Andriods lack emotion and empathy.

Calculative person, always think before they act, cold, no emotion.

Sociopath – No emotion but smart.

Association with Intellect – Higher class, able to process information quicker, manipulative, chameleons,

Purpose of wanting to pass as humans. Blend in, better communicate with humans.

Technology vs. Creator.  Created for a purpose, but evolve to overcome it.

False memories could be torture.

False Memories, Does this really exist?

Is these relationships between characters love or lust.

Labeling things as “Others” in the sense that this is something different and I should close my eyes and ignore.

Alienate – to isolate.


Topics after break.

Ending really is depressing.

Everything Deckard does gets shut down.

What is gained and what is lost with the story ended.

Such a boring and cliché ending.

Is mercer really fake?

Buster friendly android, Mercer in hallway

Reality vs psychotic breakdown.

Rick feels rachael feeling empathy towards her copy.

The fact that Racheal “gives up” on. Can we consider that an emotion or awareness?

Roy, Isidore the human is mistreated by the andys he turns into their slave.

What is the significance of ricks “mercer” experience on the mountain. (real vs no real)

The high climax of the story transforming into the ending

Rick says the electric things have lives too (pg 241)

“Fine” Iran said. “I want it to work perfectly. My husband is devoted to it.”

Chapter 16 ricks relation with Rachael

How would life be without the mood organ?

Rick goes to the roof of Rosen Association and see all the animals. He’s jealous of them not care but of greed. Ironically he hates his sheep because it is electric.

How does mercer talks to rick without an empathy box.



Impossible to physically interact with humans. Fallout, emigrated.

Iran more devoted to mercer. Towards the end Deckard bases his actions towards him.

What is Isidors position on mercersim.

Mercer is both life and death while Rick is Death and Isidor is life.

Buster Friendly

Buster Friendly, also android. Exposed Mercer to be fake. All andys someone knew what is happening.

Constant state of despair.

This was a really good read. I’m not on the “OMG DIS WAZ AMAZING” boat. It was more like calm “this was pretty good” reaction. I think the reason for that was because everything was not over the top. There was a somber tone throughout the book. Even when Deckard went for the final kill it was calm. Well more like he was calm. “He let Roy Baty fire once: he held his own fire until the laser beam had passed by him as he twisted out of the way.” This stood out to me because even though everything he went though, all the garbage he had to put up through. He was still able to remain calm and get the job done.  I guess the trap that Roy planned did not work on him. I kinda saw this coming, why else would he mention it.

I love how seamless Deckard and Isidor switch places. When they finally came face to face, it was quick and effortless. It made me understand that the person is not the important factor in that equation. Its more whats behind the scene. This was immediately shown when Deckard saw a physical manifestation of Wilbur Mercer. Even after it was discovered Mecersim was all a fake, Deckard slowly became the chicken head. We see Deckard slow fall into madness after finishing his mission still not felling any satisfaction. Or it could be he was having withdrawal since no one was feeling emphatic towards him. His constant attempt to talk to his superiors looking for that “You did good son”. “If I could just talk to Dace, he thought, I’d be alright”(pg. 232) is an indication of this.

Allow me if i can step back for a moment to mention how much of a horrible person Rachael is. When she was first introduced, I immediately had a bad taste in my mouth. When ever tries to swindle you, whats to stop them from doing it again. We are also told that this is not the first time the Rosen Association has done this. They have purposefully gone out on many occasions to stop bounty hunters from continue to hunt. I don’t clearly know what their purpose was but from what I understand Rachael knew the lose andys. Could be she was working together with them, or the Rosen Association just wanted to stop the hunting of their units all together.

What caught me off guard was in the middle of chapter 20 I paused to hop off the train. That whole walk home I felt pointless and sad. It wasn’t until i finished reading the book that I pulled my self out of that. Somehow my mind felt like I was Rick Deckard. Philip K. Dick did an excellent job immersing me into this world making me feel and think how this world works. By starting off with the introduction to this dark world. To even helping my understand that this world is not easy by crating happiness and instantly destroying it. It help me understand that this world is not a pleasant one. The future is not all dandelions and gum drops. Things can get a little scary but somehow there is a silver lining.

I vuz going to do dis early baht it vuz seven hey hem.

I mis-read the chapters then needed to be read and I stopped after chapter 12. So I don’t think I deserve to actually make a reading post, but I wanted to at least get my thoughts out. So this is less formulated and more like jumbled thoughts. Anyways here we go.

I am really enjoying this story. Reminds me of a cop drama. So many double crossings and twists. Has me on the edge of my seat so much I forget to annotate and go back and re read. One re occuring theme I keep seeing is that Dick keeps mentioning how dark and grim this world is. He always mentions how the dust has rotted Isidores mind. On page 79 in the interaction between Isidore and Mr. Sloat, he mentions that the dust from the fallout has affected them both negatively. The only difference it has affected Isidore more in his mind where Mr. Sloat is just losing his sight and eventually his hearing. This shows how even though its possible to live on earth. Everything that remains there will eventually die.

I should probably mention the surprise that Rachelle Rosen has either tuned into an Andy or does not want to be found out (pg 67). I’m more along the lines when she offered to help Deckard she was already in San Fran. She probably has a hidden agenda that she wants to complete. Like she was not happy with the results of the test and she wants to make sure it stays silent. If I was part of a multi-million dollar company, I would want to keep to keep it that way. Also is it a normal thing to not care that you are just wearing pajama pants when you answer the door. I sure as hell wont open the door while in my boxers.

Lastly was the twist that was the Andys working together hunting other Andys. I guess it must be true that the last place anyone would look is the obvious place. But in a turn of events Resch helps you escape by killing Garland, who seems like he was trying to help you. I did not pay much mind to this. If there is one thing this world has taught me is that everyone is fighting for themselves. Later you find out hes not a Andy but a human with weird emotions.

I left off after they killed luba but it was not that interesting. We do find out Deckard may not be suited anymore to be a bounty hunter and begins to doubt himself. This could be the turning climax I think. I haven’t really read more so i am not sure, but everything points this way. He has already killed 2 (witnessed 3) Andys on the list. It wasn’t until he killed the 3rd one, who happened to be female, where he started to feel something. It could be either resentment or he starting to dislike what he is doing. Either way this could be something that could be the downfall of Deckard.